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Process supervisor runit

I’ve been exploring a few new (to me!) technologies recently and runit is one that I’ve come away really impressed with. Linux distros have a few competing init services available: Upstart, systemd, runit or creaky old sysvinit. Having researched all of them and having built...

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Creating a virtual environment in Python

I was trying to get a virtual environment set up on Python 3 using mkvirtualenv but somehow the virtual environment was getting created on Python 2.7 (my system python). If you already know about virtual environments and why they are useful, you may skip the...

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How To Use Iptables in Linux?

Here is an effective way to put your finger on the pulse of network packets using Iptables. The man page of Iptables explains that ” Iptables is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of IPv4 packet filter rules in the Linux kernel. Several different...

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